The Ninja warriors had to consider and reason out all but impossible ways of the outcome for the purposes of successful end of their covert actions. The outcome of the action could have been prevented or defeated by the emergent encounter with enemies, especially when escape was not affordable. This could have happened when the Ninja was revealed during his mission all of a sudden or in case of the fight outnumbered.

To equate the chances, the Ninja warriors developed the technique that provides with time – the time that lasts as a flash but enough to apply other Ninjutsu techniques to survive. The method was named metsubushi, or “eye closers”.

Metsubushi makes all varieties and techniques mostly used by samurai police and individuals to make the opponent blind temporarily. The technique was mostly used in feudal Japan.


The Ninja who applied to the technique of metsubushi used egg shells, nut shells, bamboo tubes and other containers filled in with various mixtures. The mixture in the container was thrown to the face of the opponent when the particles would burst to eyes making the enemy disoriented.

The metsubushi technique includes the wider range of methods and tools to fight with opponents.

The intricate powder-like metsubushi mixtures include:

mix of sand, ash, pepper, mud, ground, metal particles to attack enemies aiming at eyes;
smoke and explosive substances;
striking in the eyes of the opponent in a slash or poking; use of nekode (iron claws);
reflection of the sunlight through the sword blade in the enemy’s eyes; this is also one of the effective methods.

The metsubushi is aimed to making the opponent hesitant in his forces; make him blind for a short time to take other measures. The skilled Ninja warrior takes the advantage of this short period of time to escape or, on the contrary, counterattack. While escaping, the Ninja proved to disappear mystically in front of the opponent, leaving no chance to chase him.

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