Seven techniques using a ninja sword

1. Jasaguri-no-ho is the technique of rummaging

When in the strange atmosphere where the enemies could expect to attack, the Ninja grasped a sword, uncovered the blade for 2/3rd with the one end of the sageo in the mouth squeezing in the teeth while the other end was still tied to the scabbard. While squatting to the limit and stretching hands forward moving the sword leftward and rightward, the Ninja used to explore the place for enemies to hide. When a Ninja hit up against something soft, the tip of sageo squeezed in the teeth, is let down, the scabbard also dropped and the Ninja hit the thing with the sword jobbing and then cutting the target (exactly in this consequence).

2. Yojinnava-no-ho is the technique of the protective rope

A Ninja warrior could use sageo as the strain used in various occasions:

• The rope was strained below the door to avoid a stranger enter the place where the Ninja was sleeping;

• The rope was used for the contrary purpose when it was strained while the Ninja was expecting an opponent to stumble;

• The rope was fixed to but not strained (for example, on the way of the guard walking back and forth), and it was strained when necessary with the enemy falling down. The Ninja was only taking advantage of using the rope.

3. Sageomakijime-no-ho is the technique to twist and pinch

The sageo rope was used as the strangler to kill the opponent; as the band when handling wounds; a belt to replace the lost one, etc. This was also helpful to tie the enemy, when necessary.

4. Tsurigatana-no-kho is the technique of sword swaling

The Ninja used to climb the wall squeezing the sageo in his teeth using the sword, particularly the guard-ring (tsuba) as the support, and the sword was then picked-up at the rope.

5. Nonaka-jinbari-no-ho technique was used to encamp in a filed

The Ninja used sageo to make the tent for a break or night tied to trees or simply dinging the poles.

6. Tabimakura-no-ho is the special technique to get a sleep during the trip

Tying the knife (short sword) and the sword together with the sageo, the Ninja used to lie above the rope. When he was attacked during the sleep to get disarmed, the Ninja was able to get up due to the rope vibration and respond immediately striking the attacker with the knife.

7. Nagatsukadori-no-ho is the technique to grasp the long haft

Putting the scabbard and the haft together with the help of the sageo, the Ninja used to take advantage of the unique flexible weapon to effectively confront the opponent using poles and knives whereas the rope was used to twist the longer weapon and the sword and scabbard- to defeat of an attack. In case when the scabbard or a sword dropped down, the Ninja could pick it up at the rope.

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