Ninja warriors used a wide range of various weapons of any varieties that people would not guess they existed. The Ninja used the kinds of weapon appropriate for the particular mission and nothing unwanted was carried. Ninja missions required quick response and the possibility to escape easily. Thus, loads of equipment could only suspend and prevent from surviving. However, a single kit of weapons was a must for the Ninja warriors called Shinobi-rokugu.


Shinobi-rokugu or Six Tools is the kit of tools that a Ninja must have on them for every mission. The kit includes the following kinds of weapon:

• Sekihitsu is a slate pencil to make records and notes; the records could be easily removed, when required;

• Kusuri, or medicines – the general name for all poisons, salves, medications, insect repellents carried in special containers (inro), tightened to the belt;

• Kaginawa – a rope with the hook at the end to fasten when climbing vertical obstacles like walls, fences and so forth, or otherwise, when going down the heights;

• Tenugui – a towel of 1 m long (3 kane-jaku) used as the mask, or the bulky dressing during smoke content, or the binder in case of wounds or bandage to tie the opponent;

• Amigasa – a traditional Japanese hat from straw; umbrella from rain. Ninja also used amigasa to hide and keep the face in shadow and keep the bow arrows inside (hankyu);

• Uchitake – a small bamboo pole, sometimes two poles with one inserted into another (25 cm in length with the diameter of 7 cm), with holes and the rope to fasten. It was used as the container to transport cinder. The uchitake was used as the torch lighter in the medieval Japan.

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